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Willful Child

Willful Child - Steven Erikson ABR's full Willful Child audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

WARNING: If you take hard science fiction aka space opera, or whatever you want to call it, very seriously. Do not listen to this audiobook.

Willful Child is a ridiculous, unbelievable, explicit, romp through the galaxy. Captain Hadrian Sawback and his crew stumble from crisis after crisis some how finding a way out of all of the trouble they find themselves in.

The main premise is this. Defiant new Captain of a brand new ship set sail to claim and pillage whatever they can com across in the name of the Alliance. Eventually get assigned a mission to take out a 20th century sports jersey counterfeit operation. Find that it is being run by a very self willed AI (Artificial Intelligence), that hijacks their ship in search of it’s maker.

If you try to compare this to anything you know as familiar, you will be disappointed. However if you can have an open mind, even I had trouble with this, you will be in for laugh out loud hilarity and adventure

Think Star Trek plus Pulp Fiction multiplied by Galaxy Quest divided by The Hunt for Red October. Hard to picture, totally the point.

I have never heard an audiobook performance like the one performed here by MacLeod Andrews. I am almost in all of how you can keep all the characters straight with their above average characterizations. Simply mind blowing.

I don’t know if he got notes from the author of how to make all these alien creatures sound when they’re speaking or what was going through his head but it paid off immensely. So many added sounds grunts, moans, I don’t even know what some of they were some of those were.

Particularly the ships doctor, Printlip, who’s race is some sort of multiple armed, eye stemmed, airbag of sort. Who has to take a gigantic breath before speaking and will often run out of air before he finishes. Then the alien race who apparently profusely spew slime from there mouths and other orafaces. A few time I swear Andrews was making the sound that is called many different things; finger raspberry, flap face, dweeberlips, kazoo kiss, etc.

In my opinion this was listening to Andrews at the top of his game because I have never heard anything like it from any other narrator and all the audio books I’ve listened to in the past. And sadly his performance was one of the only things really keeping me engaged to the whole story.

Audiobook purchased for review by ABR.