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Hunter: Warrior of Doridia (The Saga of Jon Hunter)

Hunter: Warrior of Doridia (The Saga of Jon Hunter) - Ronald Watkins ABR's full Hunter: Warrior of Doridia audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Hunter: Warrior of Doridia is an interesting and well written adventure sci-fi book.

Reminiscent of John Norman’s Gor series of the 70’s, John Hunter is transported to a new land, a new time and a new life. He must struggle to fit in this new world. A former navy ensign, Hunter awakes naked and in a strange land. Making the best of a bizarre situation, he approaches some travelers and when he awakes yet again he finds himself a bound slave. Being recognized as a free man, Hunter is freed to pursue a life as a warrior or Sekker. Hunter struggles through intense and severe training. Learning to fight with rudimentary tools, Hunter becomes very adept in his new life.

Finding friends along his journey, he finds himself in the center of a rebellion. He is charged with transporting a noble man’s only remaining single free daughter to a safe place. Hunter encounters deceit and violence – and not just from the rebels! He must teach this free haughty woman to play her role as slave girl to ensure her safety and return to her home. Rising in rank, Hunter is a man of honor and skill, Hunter succeeds but not without cost. Although he adapts to his new home quickly, he is still an honorable man and struggles through the themes of bondage, sex, slavery and man dominating women.

Character and plot developments are done quickly and efficiently. It is a quick moving book that leaves one breathless. Well constructed, the reader has no moments of confusion. I look forward to the next in the series.

This is a good book. The writing style is clear and flows smoothly. Dialog is handled very well. I highly recommend it.

The narrator did an excellent job of reading and keeping the intenseness of it flowing.

The production of the audiobook was well done also. I had no issues – everything was clear and concise.

Audiobook provided for review by the narrator.