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65 Below

65 Below - Basil Sands ABR's full 65 Below audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Marcus Johnson, retired Master Sergeant, just wants to have some peace and quiet. He joined the marines at 18 and put in his 20. Now he has come home to his family homestead in Alaska and thought he left the war behind.

No such luck. While running a trap line he comes across a North Korean special ops team digging in the snow. He tries to report it at the nearby base but they don’t believe that North Korean special ops. are on a covert mission on US territory.
Marcus also has seen two other strangers at the local cafe. Neither were speaking English but he understood their remarks. Both were bragging about the plan to take over the US. They were driving a stolen electric company truck.
The police start putting the bits of information together. An officer is sent to contact Marcus about what he saw and heard. She just happens to be the woman he has loved since childhood. She is also the one who broke his heart.

As the action picks up it is discovered that an old bunker was hidden behind the base and it contained a WMD virus. One terrorist is caught and he gives them information on other men involved.

The chase is on. They have to catch the 2 NKs before they can dump their death in the cities water supply. Racing across the snow on snowmobiles in -65 degree temps. is deadly.
The characters are well developed. Marcus adds to his character with flashbacks of his romance with Lonnie and his war experience. I found the flashback very well placed. Lonnie also flashes backs to their romance and wishes she had been more understanding.

Others doubted the plausibility of this scenario but I don’t think it is that far from something that could happen. Where did all the chemical WMDs that this country produced go???

I liked the book cover. It made the land look so cold, forbidding and dangerous . Just what this stroy is about. If you get the audio version it is read by the author. Once he gets going he does his book justice. Basil has a fine voice and makes his book come to life. I enjoyed his narration very much. The audio sound was first rate also.

Audiobook provided for review by the author/narrator.