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The Synchronicity War Part 1

The Synchronicity War Part 1 - Dietmar Wehr ABR's full The Synchronicity War (Book 1) audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

There were several reason why I decided to pre-order The Synchronicity War (Book 1). One being the narrator, Luke Daniels, is one of my favorites, especially when performing a military science fiction story. Another being the Publisher, Podium Publishing, as I have , to date, really enjoyed every audiobook of theirs that I have listened to.

Military science fiction geeks will enjoy this story. Here is the rundown. Humans are now cruising around the universe. They finally run into an alien race, that seems to be far superior. Intergalactic war ensues.

In the style of Jack Campbell, Dietmar Wehr tells the story of Commander Shiloh as he makes, or maybe breaks, first contact and the aftermath. While The Synchronicity War (Book 1) was not nearly as polished, it did add in those special ideas that made me enjoy Campbell’s space odyssey. Such as the delay in communications due to the time lag over huge distances; all of the minutiae of all the different classes of ships; the way hyperspace travel works; etc. Think of this as a cross between these two fantastic series The Lost Fleet and Frontlines.

I really liked the twist. Shiloh keeps seeing visions of what is to come in the future. Allowing himself the chance to either make what he saw a reality or to do something different to make it not happen. I don’t think I have ever listened to a military science fiction story where the main character has several premonitions. I an interested in where this phenomena will take the story in future books.

Full of military politics, albeit a little much at times, and intense space battle action scenes, I devoured this audiobook almost in one sitting.

Oh and when the summary says “Be aware that Part 1 has a cliffhanger ending”, it does and if you are anything like me you will need the second book as soon as possible. Unfortunately for me, at the time of writing, I will have to wait a few weeks for Book 2. I see that it is a four book series in print, I really hope that they all will be translated to audio.

While this might not have been Luke Daniels absolute best performance, it will rank in the upper echelon. For some reason he is able to throw himself so deep into a story that you can imagine no other narrator that would fill the bill.

Somehow Daniels, even though he has his standard voices, can make each characters voice completely distinct from one another. Making each one fit like a glove. Especially with the AI (artificial intelligent), adding in subtle yet unusual pauses accentuating the fact that it is not a human speaking.

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