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Firefight - Brandon Sanderson ABR's full Firefight audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

I pre-ordered Firefight months ago, everyday, even though I knew it wasn’t out yet, I still had to check. I was so entranced by the premiss of superheroes having their powers make them evil. I wish it wasn’t such a long wait, but now the wait is over.

Sanderson has created such a unique universe with this series. Full of deep characters that I actually developed feelings for. Not only that but the world that he has created, near future United States that has been transformed by the Epics.

Steelheart took place in Newcago (Chicago) and Firefight is set in Babylon (New YorK). Here the Reckoners have another high epic to destroy. One who controls water in more ways than I thought possible. Along the way we get to know more about the back-story of Prof and other members of the team.

While this was a pretty straight forward story, no real plot twists or turns, except for the ending. I didn’t see it coming. I need the next audiobook so bad.

Sorry I didn’t really summarize the book. I don’t want to give anything away. Let me just say this. If you loved Steelheart you will love Firefight even more!

Sparks! Macloud Andrews shines with this performance. Allowing himself to deliver a full range of unique voices for the plethora of characters. Each one fitting what my minds eye thinks they would sound like.

Andrews is not just a story teller, narrator, or performer here. He is an audiobook technician. And he is on my list of go to narrators. I have several more of his narrations in my to be listened to lineup.

Audiobook purchased for review.