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Occult .45: Four Tales of Gunrunning in the Weird West

Occult .45: Four Tales of Gunrunning in the Weird West - Nick Carcano I will be the first one to admit that westerns are not always my thing. Throw in some paranormal or undead in to the mix, then there is a much higher likelihood that I will enjoy it. There is something about the lack of technology that makes it all the more terrifying. I have to admit that I am hoping for something like Deadman’s Road by Joe R. Lansdale.

Occult .45 is a collection of four short stories, all surrounding Preston Cobb. He is a salesman of the unscrupulous variety. Selling bogus guns to the unsuspecting townsfolk. Until someone has the guts to challenge their authenticity.

It is always difficult to review short story collections and this one is no different. I would have like a little more character development, especially of Cobb. I would have liked to have leaned more about the world that these western tales come from. Full of zombies, werewolves and other paranormal creatures man for some decent action scenes with a bit of gore.

I you are into paranormal or are the adventurous western listener Occult .45 may be just for you.

I am a newcomer to Jon Padgett’s work. I think he did about as good as could be expected. What jumped out at me was the difference in his “narrator” voice of this compilation and the close credits voice, I would have thought it was two different people. I loved the gravely gunslinger voice he came up with for these tales. There was absolutely nothing polished in Padgett’s performance and here it worked well.

There were a few technical issues that I found and I think they have already been fixed. There was a volume fluctuation between some of the tracks, I always hate being surprised by the intensity that this can sometimes create. There were a few moments were it was difficult to make out what was being said, but this did not take anything away as it was easy to figure it out.

I look forward to watching Padgett grow and refine his skills in coming stories.

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