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The Dragons of Dorcastle

The Dragons of Dorcastle - Jack Campbell, MacLeod Andrews ABR's full The Dragons of Dorcastle audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

I do not normally listen to fantasy, not because I don’t like it, but because there is simply too much to listen to elsewhere. My main reason for purchasing this was to get in at the beginning of a new series by Jack Campbell. I really enjoyed the Lost Fleet, but I feel like it will take forever for me to catch up.

Campbell has created an interesting world, Dematr. That was settled by humans centuries ago. Now there are the two factions that control most everything. The Mechanics, just like you would think, are the ones in charge of creating, building and maintaining technology. The Mages, while I am unsure of what the control in the society, rule the world of magic and illusion. One thing is for sure Mages and Mechanics do not, under any circumstances, associate with one another in any way.

Think of The Dragons of Dorcastle as an extended revamp of the classic Romeo and Juliet. Here we have a young, youngest ever, male mage who has been given the duty of escorting a caravan, with known cargo, through the wastelands, where bandits run rampant. Of course the caravan is attacked and the secret cargo is revealed to be a young, brilliant, female mechanic. They try to keep from becoming friends, but after the death deifying the experience cannot seem to loose each other.

Quickly they learn that there is more going on they either of them thought and realize, along with there feelings for each other, that they are the keys to fixing what they see wrong in their world.

This is a young adult story, nothing wrong with that. Because of that there is the YA obligatory love story underneath everything. Campbell has created his characters in such a meticulous way, I could not help but develop my own feelings for both of them. I have already gotten the second book and will be listening with anticipation.

Once again Macleod Andrews show his diversification as an audiobook narrator. He his able to go from soft-spoken young adults to creepy overbearing adults with ease. I have been listening to him a lot as of late and do not regret a single moment. He is one to look for if you want to be guaranteed the story is told in one of the best possible ways.

Audiobook purchased for review by ABR.