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Indian Hill 4: From The Ashes

Indian Hill 4: From The Ashes - Mark Tufo ABR's full From the Ashes audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

About three years later Mike and Tracy are married and have a son, 2 12 year old Travis. “D” lives close by and visits often. Things have been quiet for a while. The calm before the storm.

This series just keeps getting better and better. You got to worry about Mike. He is so nice and friendly but watch out he has a dark side. Paul, his best friend and Leader of the country wants him on a photo shoot. Beth, now Paul’s wife, is still thinks she can seduce Mike. I would really like to ring her neck.
Mark has developed his characters very well. The banter between Mike and D is soooo funny. Just like good friends would kid each other.
Mike and Paul are having problems, mostly because of Beth’s undermining their relationship.

The storm hits and Tracy and Mike are separated. Mike in the hospital, again, and Tracy on the battlefield. One thing leads to another and it looks like the end again. Treachery by the aliens and humans alike. Things go from bad to worse and then even worse. A twist toward the end. Should have seen it coming.

Again for this book I had the audio version. Got to tell you that Sean is fantastic as the narrator . He brings the book to life with his various voices. The whole audio was totally enjoyable. Clear and clean recording without any distractions or static.

If you like aliens, war and comic relief you have got to get this series. Oh, and this is not the last book.

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