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The Path: Tag Series #1

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The Path is one of those audiobooks that I pick for no real good reasons. The cover doesn’t give a whole lot to go by, as you know, I tend to judge books by their covers. However, the summary makes this sound like a very interesting advanced dystopian society that will be brought to it’s knees.

In The Path Peter Riva was able to create a fascinating and half way believable near future society were all is well. People only work when they want to and do what they want to do. Basically all of their needs are taken care of by the computer system that controls everything.

The first half of the story mainly takes place inside this computer system with Simon, our protagonist, “plugged in”. Here he is able to interact with the system and instantly create programs to do his bidding. The second half takes place in the outside world, where Simon is now on the run. Full of action scenes that didn’t do anything for me.

Where my problem was with the, to me, overly explained computer programming language. After a while I got board with it all. They there was the dialog of the system itself. Very dry and again hard to follow.

If you want a techno babble filled story that will heavily rely on your imagination to picture what is happening. This unique take on a technology driven dystopia will make you happy.

The performance by Jonathan Yen was good but not great. He tried to give some of the characters their own voice, yet it was still difficult to know, during conversations, who was talking. Yen did change the pacing very well, when the story needed it.

I can only imagine how difficult it was to keep things interesting when most of the story was technological jargon. And a dialog from the computer system that was even more difficult to follow.

All in all there are no huge complaints nor are there any striking highlights from Yen’s performance. I believe that he did the best that he could with what he had to work with.

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