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Dawn of Destiny

Dawn of Destiny  - Lee Stephen, Francois Cannels ABR's full Dawn of Destiny audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

First thing that drew my attention about Dawn of Destiny was the fact that it was not available on Audible. According to Lee Stephen, Audible does something to the audio quality and he did not want to chance it being degraded in any way. Knowing that Audible is one of, if not the largest audiobook marketplace, I hope he doesn’t loose any of his potential audience.

Full of highly technical battles scenes that, literally, had me frozen on the edge of my seat. Leaving me with nothing else to do but breath a huge sigh of relief, with my heart pounding, when the action has subsided.

There were extended lengths of time between action sequences, for, I assume, character and story building. There are strong religious undertones and periods that will smack you in the face. I didn’t see this coming at all. Earth Defense Network (EDEN), the main character Scott prayed to God several times. While this was all done tastefully, I didn’t think that it added anything to the story at all.

Looking for a fast paced alien invasion military science fiction adventure? Dawn of Destiny will not disappoint.

The audio production was up there with the best “movie” style audiobooks I have listened to. Boasting 30 voice actors all on the top of their game. It is difficult to single any single one out as they all were very enjoyable.

The only fault I could find was the music. Often times being much louder than the performer, leading to me having no idea what was just said. Because of this interference I could not give this category a 5 star rating.

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