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Six Plus One

Six Plus One - Fox McBride ABR's full Six Plus One audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

McBride entertains with a short audio about Ray Dempsey, a detective, and his gorgeous partner. A murder scene that only a serial killer would love, Dempsey and his partner must try to determine what happened or rather who did it. they find they must solve the murder quickly as the bodies keep piling up. After multiple murders and a lucky break, Dempsey solves the case and puts away a serial killer.

Between the author and the narrator, one can easily determine that Dempsey is a detective who is very arrogant; almost egotistic. Dempsey has his own way of solving cases – he notices patterns. Dumb luck and an overly worked keen eye solves the case.

Too short to build a connection with the readers, the story is short and to the point. The book could be built upon easily. The author kept the book light with a few spots of humor. Dempsey reminded me of a 21st century Sherlock Holmes.

If you need a quick distraction, this is the audio book for you. I enjoyed the writing style and hope to hear more by Mcbride.

The narrator did an excellent job of portraying Dempsey and keeping the story going.

The production was fine and clear.

Audiobook provided for review by the narrator.