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Deadlocked 3

Deadlocked 3 - A.R. Wise ABR's full Deadlocked 3 audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

A young man makes the journey into the city to find and rescue his mom. He has a lot of responsibility thrust upon him during this apocalypse – save his mother, save his friend and her daughters. He has to step up and do whatever it takes – including killing humans as well as zombies. Armed with a barb-wired wrapped baseball bat and his motorcycle, he drives off to his mothers. He encounters a horde of zombies held back by a fenced in area created by the military only to inadvertently release them.

He runs into Reagan, an older military man who is strictly by the book and two twin brothers who are an unlikely duo and friends. After several close calls and a couple of heart to hearts, Reagan encourages Billy to finish what he had started and he would protect him sending him help in the morning. The twin brothers join forces with Billy and attempt to return to the docks to save the mother and children from rogue cop like bad guys. On their journey they run into another horde but ingenuity and guts, the men take the zombies on.

There are some extremely sad moments that make even the strongest choke. They arrive at the docks and the military help arrive – one of the injured lives, the other does not.

While I have not read the others books in the series, after reading this one I will! The main character is very likable and draws the reader in to the story quickly. The bond between reader and characters is established quickly and continues.

This is a great zombie book – because of how it is written, there are lots of ways for this series to move – all of them very interesting!

The narrator, Christian Rummel, does an excellent job. He keeps the story flowing with a clear voice and with the correct amount of feelings in the right places.

The production version by Audio Studies was excellently done – no glitches.

Audiobook provided for review by the publisher.