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Fluency - Jennifer Foehner Wells ABR's full Fluency audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

This has happened to me in the pas and still I have no good reason why. The cover artwork caught my eye and then I had to listen, quickly adding to my audible wishlist. Then a couple weeks later Jennifer Foehner Wells decided to have me review it. I took it as a sign that this is going to be an amazing low tech science fiction spaceship exploration.

Fluency started off great. A NASA mission, sending modern astronauts to explore an alien spacecraft that they are hiding from the public. So many thing could be on the ship, awe inspiring technology, not to mention strange new life forms.

The summary says “The ship isn’t vacant, as they presumed.”, but really it almost is. There is one being, the ships navigator who just happens to be integrated into the ship, that only communicates via “telepathy”. Through this we learn of the alien race and why they have come looking for Earth.

If you are looking for a cerebral science fiction story, Fluency will be right up your alley. However if you are seeking a story full of fantastical technology and action, this will fall short.

All in all Fluency is story full of fully vetted characters. A little love, a little intrigue, and a lot of introspection. While I wasn’t full engaged throughout I am interested enough to see where the author will take this alien journey.

Susanna Burney’s performance left me wanting more. Characterizations were done, but barely different than the narration. I would have enjoyed it more if there would have been more distinct voices for everyone involved. Along with that it needed some emotions injected to everything. While this is a perfectly ok was to present an audiobook, I prefer more depth to the performances.

Even with all of that I look forward to hearing more from Burney. From the search I did on Audible it would seem that she is fairly new to the audiobook world. I have found, through listening to a ridiculous amount of audiobooks, that it sometimes takes a while for a narrator to find a solid voice or for my initial opinion to change.

Audiobook provided for review by the author.