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Little Green Men

Little Green Men - Peter Cawdron ABR's full Little Green Men audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Chief Science Officer Michaels along with the crew of the Dei Gratia travel to distant plants to mine the resources available. However, he finds himself in the unique position of encountering the first ever extraterrestrial contact. Violent little green men attack him and the crew leaving bodies and mysteries of their encounter. Using history and man's unique ability to destroy everything they come into contact with, Michaels manages to solve the mystery of the little green men and save the crew.

Cawdron takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of visuals and emotions as the little green men make their mark upon the crew. Not your ordinary sci-fi book, Cawdron leaves much to the imagination and gives the reader just enough to keep them hooked until the end. At the end, the reader finds him/herself pondering the inner workings of humans and their interactions with others. Who are the true monsters? Little green men or the humans who invaded American and slaughtered without prejuidice or the humans who invaded other countries during the crusades? Why do humans destroy everything?

These questions and more make the story stick with you well past the ending. Excellent plot, well developed and executed perfectly.

The narrator, Jeffrey Hayes, did an excellent job of narrating and injecting the appropriate emotions.

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