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The Preparation

The Preparation - Glen Tate ABR's full The Preparation (299 Days Book 1) audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

I haven’t listened to any straight up survival stories. Maybe I feel that I need that something extra, you know zombies, werewolves, psychopaths, to make it interesting. However, there was something about The Preparation (299 Days Book 1) that kept drawing my attention.

I have been seeing many audiobooks popping up in this new sub-genre in the last few months, so they have to be entertaining right? I am going with my gut and nothing else on this one, my gut is only right about 80% of the time.

Have you seen the television show Doomsday Preppers? Well get ready for that in much much higher detail and explanations than the show has ever provided.

I was entranced by the character development and overall back story of Grant Matson. going from a young poor kid with less than nothing. To a highly successful lawyer, with everything that money could buy. Yet he felt unfulfilled, like there was something missing.

Intertwined with lots, I mean a ton of what could be considered right wing conservative propaganda. If your not open minded to this sort of information, either don’t listen or you might get ticked off. Or you might start singing praises, who knows.

What I know is this was a intricately crafted story of one man realizing there is more to life than money. That being personal security and the safety of his family when the worst happens. With this story that would be the slow collapse of the government, leaving the public to fend for them selves.

I intensely agreed and disagreed with so many different things, I couldn’t stop listening. In fact I have already started stockpiling for my own peace of mind. I am hooked on this story and there are a ton of audiobooks in this series that I only hope there is enough time for.

Kevin Pierce is not the typical type of narrator. Because this was not a big boisterous, polished newscaster type of performance, nor did it call for such. Characterizations were only done just enough to barely differentiate characters in a scene.

Pierce blew me away with his soft-spoken approach. That over time, expertly grew from an scared uncertain boy to a self-reliant and assured man doing what he thinks is best. I hope to be able to get to listen to more from him.

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