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Fall of Night

Fall of Night - Jonathan Maberry ABR's full Fall of Night audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Being the Jonathan Maberry fan that I have turned into over the years and even though I didn't like William Dufris' past performance, I had to give this a listen. I really have no excuse, other than craving an amazingly well thought out zombie story to escape to for many hours.

First let me say thank you Mr. Maberry, thank you for intertwining all of your series into one extra long tale. And thank you for giving me yet another series to listen to, especially the Benny Imura series.

Fall of Night picks up almost immediately where Dead of Night left off. All of the characters that we started to love or hate in the previous story are still here. Yet introducing some fairly important new ones. Such as Benny Imura's father.

This is a pretty standard and self explanatory runs from the zombies type of story. Here is the golden jewel. The parts told from the perspective of those that are turning into zombie are nothing less than ear candy. Totally creeped me out each and every time. I had always wondered what one was thinking about turning this gruesome transition.

Sorry, no summary here. But if you want to be completely transported to life in the zombie apocalypse. To be surrounded by interesting characters. To follow the escapade of a truly evil villain that is neither human nor zombie. A great telling of a series that is a prequel to another series. You get all of that here.

Everything that I didn't like about William Dufris' performance in book 1 was not present at all in this book 2. Unless my taste has changed dramatically over the past 2 years.

I couldn't find any unnecessary over acting, over emphasizing, or anything annoying at all. Trust me I wanted to so I could say, "See I told you so...", but this just goes to show that a narrator that I once didn't like can become a favorite. Never ever judge an audiobook by its narrator, difficult I know, but just don't.

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