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25 Perfect Days

25 Perfect Days - Mark Tullius, Anthony Szpak ABR's full 25 Perfect Days audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

First thoughts about the cover of 25 Perfect Days? That is a huge tunnel, the buildings in the background look like they are falling apart, and there is a huge cross with a black bird on it. Interesting. Black birds are said to be bad luck for some. Uh oh… Is that family doomed already!?

I wish I could pin-point a main character for this story, or even a few, but I cannot. There are lots of characters, lots of mini stories for each, and they all are weirdly connected. For the majority of the story most of the characters did not seem to fit into any pattern together other than living in a horrible society. It wasn’t till I was nearing the end that they seemed to tie in, to fit. I was more than a little confused for the majority of this book till I hit the end.

Over all, the Controllers are the antagonists for the majority of the story. They are there from a church called The Way. Imagine voting in a law that gave up control of laws, rules, people, everything to a single ruling party. That party is called The Way, which is supposedly a church. But they run on the bases of what’s good for the church is the end all be all. Take away more freedoms little by little, add in death for the greater good, death for minor rule breaking, and an underground rebellion trying to fight for their rights to simply survive.

The narrator is Dave Thompson. I enjoyed the easy flow of his voice. He helped bring the highs and lows to each character. It is because of his voice that I continued listening to this book even after it confused me with several different storyline tie ins. The author is Mark Tullius. The book is 7hrs and 37 minutes long. This is a very violent dystopian story. It shows a great point-of-view on how society crumbles little by little when people give up control. It perfectly shows how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

This book left me with the knowledge that I would not willingly give up my rights. No one, not even a governing body, should be allowed to control every aspect of people’s lives. It is our rights to always keep those in power in check. “Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.” – Lenardo da Vinci.

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