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Prime - Jeremy Robinson, Sean Ellis ABR's full Prime (A Jack Sigler Thriller Book 0.5) audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

This is definitely my kind of book. It has everything that makes a really good thriller/adventure/military read. I loved the added mythology angle that was backed up by real sites. The science angle was believable and a the human experimentation added to the spine tingling parts.

The action starts with the first page and you hardly have time to breath between pages. Robinson takes the reader on a rocket ride of adventure, treachery, treason and death. Each of his characters has special talents. Melding them into a fighting team is King's (Jack) job. In this story you get a lot of background about each team member.
How and why the "Chess Team" was formed. Why Jack chose each name. Where Stan got his Desert Eagles. The first time Jack and Zelda met and what happened. How he won her respect and the rest of the teams. The bonds they formed with each other to become the fighting unit they are.

Their first mission is to rescue a scientist who can translate an ancient manuscript. She has been kidnapped by unknown persons. The Chess Team follows the bad guys from Afghanistan to Iran and finally to France. They fight the Chinese tong, mutated humans, and unspeakable horrors. Finally in France they face the end of all life and maybe, the end of the planet.

This is my first book by Robinson but not my last. I have already got his other Chess Team books on my "to get" list. I wish they were all audio books narrated by Jeffery Kafer. He has a very pleasing voice and gives life to the characters. He gets the dialogue between the team just perfect. Sometimes too perfect. LOL.

The production of the audio was perfect. No static, dead spots, or skips. Everything was professional and well recorded.

If you have read any of Jeremy Robinson Chess Team books you HAVE to read this one. The start of it all.

Audiobook provided for review by the narrator.