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Dark Recollections

Dark Recollections - Chris Philbrook ABR's full Dark Recollections audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

The audiobook intro, you know the part that says “…presents Adrian’s Undead…” made me fear that I was in for a home made tinny hollow sounding narration. Thank God that changed as soon as the real book started.

Dark Recollections is the diary of an everyman named Adrian. A man who is more mystery than anything else and more is revealed throughout the story little by little adding to his interesting character. Told in the journal style that I expected and was happy to hear that it worked very well. This is something, in my mind, that would be difficult to pull off. The author has to remember that it isn’t straight action and what not as many people would leave certain thing like that out of their diary and Philbrook remembered that.

Adrian is alone through most of the story, except for his pal Mr. Journal. Reconstructing the tasks and events that take place for him to build a secure hideout. The day to day work of clearing infected and gathering supplies.

There were a few side stories that veered away from Adrian’s point of view and they were welcomed by me. They added more depth the outbreak epidemic.

While it was slow paced, there are so many different direction the story could go. I want to listen to more and more of Adrian’s adventures and cannot wait for book 2 to come my way.

I wasn’t sure, right away, if I was going to like James Foster’s performance or not. Mostly because of the opening few words that I mentioned above. But the more I listen the more I was mesmerized.

Foster sounds like a regular guy, not a news caster or movie preview guy, not polished. Just real and raw storytelling. Good characterizations, great ability to emphasize humor and terror. I will be looking for more from him.

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