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The Warrior & The Flower

The Warrior & The Flower - Camille Picott ABR's full The Warrior and the Flower audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

First thoughts about the cover of The Warrior and The Flower? This kinda looks like traditional Japanese art. What type of lion, dragon, horse thing are they riding on? That guy dwarfs that female. Is it a little girl? Or is he just really big? I like the colors. Very bright, very alive.

This story has two main characters. One is Yi and the other is Tulip. Yi is in his thirties and Tulip is eight. Tulip is a very inquisitive, bright, brave little girl. Yi is a warrior. Yi adopts Tulip and becomes her Papa. He’s very sweet to her, very kind. He’s also protective and you can tell he greatly loves her. My favorites scene between father and daughter was when Tulip fixed his hair in a coiled braid. It was the type of hair style a prostitute would wear.

I love the Kilyn (Probably spelling that wrong…). They are these lovely beasts that have scales, a forked tongue, and they crave lightening. It tickled me that they have antlers and come in many very vibrant colors. I’d love to have one. They remind me of a mix between a horse, an a deer, and a dragon. Beautiful creatures.

In this story there are many Gods that people pray to. Kyfue is the Buddha like God who is the God of Luck. There are dragons in other worlds that step thru to Yi and Tulip’s with the help of rituals. These rituals are a very strong mix of Japanese traditional ceremonies.

The narrator is Al Kessel. His voice is low, light, and soothing. I got a kick out of how he spoke Tulip’s voice. I very much like his voice. The author is Camille Picott. This book is 7 hours and 35 minutes long. I greatly enjoyed this book. I will be getting every book to this series as they come out!

When I finished this book I was left craving more. It reminds one that family is important. You need family and they need you. It does not matter if your family is blood. Family of the heart can be just as strong.

Audiobook provided for review by the narrator.