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Trial and Terror

Trial and Terror - Adam L. Penenberg ABR's full Trial and Terror audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Trial and Terror is not your typical thriller mystery as it has a horrible bend towards horror. A young woman, Summer Neuwirth, who is an upcoming public defender with a past of rape, successfully defends her first client - who is guilty. Knowing this she willingly jumps into a van to go places that are questionably safe; she also has a past that begins at 4 years of age and friends who are not all they seem.

Now she has a client that is truly innocent facing the death sentence if she fails. Politics, morals and ethics begin to play a pivotal role ... will she succeed? This is one question that is NOT answered.

This story is hard to swallow as there are so many inconsistencies - no woman who has been raped will get into a car with a known "bad" guy regardless of what he offers. Second, I know women struggle to be seen as smart, professional and an equal in most areas of work. However, this book was chocked full of references demoralizing women more than would be necessary to show these differences of opinions.

I did enjoy the battle of wits between Summer and Rain (the Prosecutor) when petitioning Judge Hightower. That was enjoyable and showed just how much spunk Summer has at least in one area.

The chapter transitions throughout the book was disjointing. I found myself stopping several times to make sure I hadn't gotten a bad audio copy. Additionally, not all Chapters were announced which also made it seem disjointed. The plot was ok, the character development could have been much better as the past of each person should have been delved into more. There were a few leaps of faith that didn't pan out well.

Finally, the ending was so rushed and abrupt. The ending of this book is clearly a ploy to get people to buy the second book to find out whether Summer is successful in getting her client off the hook or not. Mostly everything is answered toward the last 10 minutes but not everything.

Sadly, this book had a lot of potential that was never met.

The narrator did well. His enunciation was fine, his projection of emotion was good.

The audio production was fine as well.

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