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Exoskeleton - Shane Stadler ABR's full Exoskeleton audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

First thoughts about the cover of Exoskeleton? What in the world!? Looks like a warped take on the Vitruvian Man sketch by Leonardo da Vinci. Is this going to be an observation book about the human form? How do those other symbols tie in? Hmm… This should be interesting.

The main character is Will Thompson. He’s an inmate in an advanced treatment facility. He’s there to do a condensed sentence. Rather than spending the majority of his life in jail, he agrees to this ‘treatment’ to condense his time to one year. In doing so, he unknowingly signs up to be tortured.

The Exoskeleton is a full body suit designed to go over every inch of the body. It in-cases the person in steel, wires, and tubes. They do nothing without the Exoskeleton’s consent. It makes the person a puppet to the whims of the controllers. It feeds, you, it nourishes you, it tortures you to the brink of madness. In some cases it pushes the wearer past the brink.

Will is accused of a crime he did not commit, but he is still being punished for it. The corporation that runs the Exoskeleton program has a sinister motive. They are doing human torture testing to try to activate human telekinetic abilities. They want to figure out how to trigger abilities to make people into weapons.

This story takes awhile to get going, but once it does it doesn’t stop or go down easy. The tortures are in vivid detail. Very descriptive. At times I had to pause the book because it would give me cold chills so bad that it set my teeth on edge. This is not for an easy reader or young audience. Scenes where it describes bending the limbs to the point of breaking the bones made my muscles ache.

The narrator is Patrick Conn. His voice is smoky, smooth, and with a bit of a southern draw. He pronounced several words oddly at times. Words such as Lived or Whirred. The author is Shane Stadler. This book is 7 hours and 37 minutes long.

This book left me with the feeling that sometimes bad people will do bad things in the name of justice, for knowledge, and for the gain of power. Sometimes these people look like regular people, but inside they are monsters. Hold fast to what you know is true, what you believe in, what drives you onward. Do not let bad people corrupt you into doing their bad deeds. Be true to yourself, always.

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