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The Perseid Collapse (Book One)

The Perseid Collapse (Book One) - Steven Konkoly ABR's full The Perseid Collapse audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

The year is 2019 and the populations of the world have already survived (barely) the Jakarta Pandemic. Alex Fletcher and his family and friends, after surviving the Jakarta Pandemic, have planned for the next devastating event. Back packs of survival gear and a safe place to head off to should the unthinkable happen again. But will that be enough? His planning and skills will be drawn upon to save his family and those of his friends.

The beginning opens in China and an underground bunker with some questionable capabilities being guarded by their military. Then we switch to Alex Fletcher and his family sailing and being miserable because of mosquitos. That’s nothing compared to what’s coming!

An EMP which sends the U.S. into darkness and a tsunami drive the family to make a dangerous trek, on foot, to their home where they encounter law enforcement confiscating guns and vehicles and some neighbors bent on stealing the one running car in the area. Alex, Carl and Ed map a route to Boston to get Alex’s son and Ed’s daughter from their colleges.

The wives and children make the trek to Alex’s parents place – the safe house. Before they can get there though, they encounter members of the local militia with some serious and deadly views on ethical and moral behavior.

Alex, Carl and Ed encounter many different people and deadly situations. Although Alex has planned everything out to a T, there are of course things he could not prepare for – such as a college full of students stranded with no hope of rescue and a flagging military presence. This is where the book ends rather abruptly.

This chronicles the event 48 hours after it happens. Konkoly does an excellent job of spelling everything out in a way that is clear and leaves little to no doubt in what is happening. The story line is excellently executed and well plotted. The character development is strong and clearly defined – one can almost see each one in their mind as they listen.