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Threshold of the Mind

Threshold of the Mind - Jay Magidson ABR's full Threshold of the Mind audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

More often than not the artwork used on the audiobook covers combined with the authors chosen title makes my brain jump to conclusions. While I am quite sure this is the desired effect, yet sometimes I am so wrong with whatever I thought and still others I am right on. Threshold of the Mind was a tough one to do this to.

Looking at the cover immediately makes me think of some human computer integration that would make for an interesting science fiction story. The title also lends itself well to that conclusion. Then reading the summary I see that I am partially right, yet the story boasts so so much more than that.

Threshold of the Mind holds to the definition of a true dystopian society. Where corporations have taken over the world and made it such an ugly place, as it seems to be mostly farm land of ridiculous GMO proportions, to be most of the citizens would prefer to live out their lives in virtual reality within the “I”. I loved the “nod” to Google Glasses and how they took over our souls. I was entranced by the complexity of the societies structure, admittedly wanting more information, even though there is a lot of information to sort through already.

Starting off with what seemed to me as three distinct and separate story lines, that are slowly interwoven. Until there is only one plot line with one end in sight.

One part Tron, except people instead of programs inside the computers. One part Matrix, with the all encompassing “I”. One part Ender’s Game, with a massive human hive mind. And one part good old fashioned fun.

Overall Jeff Clarke’s performance was good. However I could not stand the voice he gave to Hamachi. While I understand why he went the direction he did,l I found it difficult to understand most of the time. Clarke pacing was very fast, I mean hold on to your ear-buds fast. I had to rewind several times just to make sure that I caught everything that was going on. Clarke excelled at creating all the other character voices, some were so different from his normal voice it was difficult to believe.

I see a great future in Clarke’s career. As it seems he is new to the audiobook community. I will be looking for more from him.

Audiobook provided for review by the author.