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Death by Destiny: Saving the Dead Sea Scrolls

Death by Destiny: Saving the Dead Sea Scrolls - Logan Crowe ABR's full Death by Destiny: Saving the Dead Sea Scrolls audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Logan Crowe’s Death by Destiny: Saving the Dead Sea Scrolls is drawn from the pages of history and the bible, Crowe develops a story around the Dead Sea Scrolls and their safe delivery from the Roman Empire during the devastating destruction of Jerusalem. It was one man’s destiny to complete the humongous task of saving the Dead Sea Scrolls and the history of the Jews. Born into a family of Bedouin Shepherds, this young man chooses his destiny as Scribe. His choice is monumental as only time would tell. Through intrigue and faith, this young Scribe and his uncle must challenge the Roman Empire and Caesar to complete their mission.

Crowe skillfully draws the reader into the plot of this story, frequently bringing out audible gasps whenever a climatic event occurs. Full of plot twists and action, one cannot help but be captivated. I enjoy how he weaves fiction into a historical accounting and makes it appear seamless; almost allowing the reader to forget which characters or events are fictional. His skill is solid.

His descriptions are vivid and his knowledge of the culture for this time period and location is clearly on mark. Bringing in the characters of the bible and historical figures to make his story more authentic is a work of art. Connections are made throughout the book that ties everything together in a masterful manner.

His ability to paint with words is clever and well done. The story flows well. The plot and character development are well-constructed. It is a short book which is the only disappointing aspect. I really didn’t want it to end. I highly recommend this book and this author!

The narrator, Spencer Hawke, was exceptional in his reading. The words flowed from his mouth in a clear and concise manner with the right amount of inflection to keep the thrill building.

There were no issues with the production. It was clear with no discernible issues.

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