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Misdirection - Martin  Link ABR's full Misdirection audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

I would never have chosen this audiobook myself. Why? Because there are so many title in my to be listened to pile already, where I think I know they will be good. Not saying there is anything wrong with Misdirection before I even start, just saying what I said. And this is why I love what I do. I get to be exposed to hundreds of audiobooks, some I have been eying for a while, some that are new to me. I keeps everything so fresh for me.

All that being said, I really enjoyed Misdirection. While there was nothing that really jumped out at me as completely original or breathtaking. This was a story that was full of twists and turns and just when you think you figured out who done it, the plot thickens.

Modern detective from the point of view of the "secret service" of the United Kingdom, aka MI5. In a competition with the FBI to solve this case. As the culprits span the ocean. Everything that is told, even though it may seem insignificant, plays a role later on. I love it when an author makes me think a bit, especially when I find myself saying "Oh yea" when I remember.

Decent characters that were interesting enough to keep me engaged. Most of the international spy thrillers that I have listened to rely upon super specialized gadgets, like James Bond would use. However the Martin Link manages to keep all the techno-babble to smart phones and iPads. Which keeps the investigation accessible and/or realistic.

If you enjoy good old fashioned international spy thrillers, you will enjoy Misdirection. I have a feeling that the author has a lot in store for our investigators.

Many times I have listened to a narration in the English accent, where I could barely understand what was being said. Not the case here at all. While it did take me longer than most to catch on to the different terms it was all clear and concise. Chris MacDonnell was even successful at creating the different voices that the various characters demanded.

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