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The Eyes of Athena (Logan Crowe writing as Spencer Hawke)

The Eyes of Athena (Logan Crowe writing as Spencer Hawke) - Logan Crowe ABR's full The Eyes of Athena audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

The Eyes of Athena: Ari Cohen, Book 1 was excellently written as it was very detailed and realistic. Spencer Hawke, the author and narrator, did an excellent job of research.

Athena is a secret organization since the founding fathers, more active than any other secret branch as well as more protective and patriotic. Moving Athena into the 21st century called for a more diverse board and a woman strong enough to lead not only Athena but America through a secret yet deadly time with Russia and Iran. While the book was about Ari Cohen a Mossad agent recruited to help with Athena, it became more encompassing drawing battle lines and loyalties.

I was surprised to begin listening to this and then half-way through discovering several years had passed in the story. I was so engrossed in the details and the story itself the passing of time surprised me. It further drives home how these things – espionage and such take years to develop.

I loved how Hawke moved around painting the story showing the evilness vs goodness and loyalty vs traitor. Bringing in the Russian Mafia was an excellent addition to the story – it shows how coincidence can be very misleading and delays important strategies.

Without revealing the ending – I LOVED IT!

The characters are well portrayed. I caught my breath several times fearing the worst for my favorite characters. This is the best espionage book I’ve read. It has the right mix of espionage, secrets, agents, storylines and romance.

I highly recommend this to anyone who has a passion for thrillers but also for those of you who don’t. Not being a regular reader of this type of writing, I was very surprised at how well Hawke drew me into the story.

The narrator, Spencer Hawke, did an excellent job with enunciation and keeping the energy going. He did an excellent job of keeping the passion going and driving the fear.

The production of the audio book was well executed also. I encountered no rough spots or problems. It was clear and flowed nicely.

Audiobook provided for review by the author.