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SECTOR 64: Ambush (SECTOR 64, #1)

SECTOR 64: Ambush (SECTOR 64, #1) - Dean M. Cole ABR's full SECTOR 64: Ambush audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

I have found that in a lot of these space alien military stories that the authors can some times get too caught up in the explanations of the new technology. Detracting from character development and story line. I, as usual, have pretty high hopes for this one. As it vould be a stunner or a snoozer.

Cole creates a parallel world, or is it? Where humans are actually decedents of the most technologically advanced beings in the universe. They came to Earth and integrated with the neanderthals and this is why humans had evolved so quickly.

Jake Giard and Airforce captain given the, what I will call, promotion of a lifetime. Being chosen to be introduced to and acquainted with amazingly advanced aircraft, or space craft, depending on where you're flying. During his technology tour the arch enemies of our ancestors come to destroy us to hurt them.

Then there is Giards girlfriend Sandra Fitzpatrick who wakes up under attack from alien creatures. While fighter planes are no match against the advanced race, she has only one thing one her mind. "Are my parents ok?". Thus she must navigate a once familiar landscape that is now war torn, but where are the casualties? Only piles of clothes remain of the citizens caught in the path of destruction.

As with most apocalyptic scenarios that I am familiar with. Only the really sick and demented seem to survive these situations and are put in Sandy's path.

SECTOR 64: Ambush was a highly imaginative action packed apocalyptic assault on your mind. Take everything that you think you know about the current military, the knowledge that we are alone in the universe, and flip it upside-down. I will continue to listen to this series.

Cole uses technology very well and did not bore me with the explanations. Solid character development, something that is often lacking in the genre. A plausible storyline that goes back a millennia or more.

I am looking forward to the next book in this series as I have to know what happens next. What other alien races are out there and what other adventures are to be had.

I am a first time listener of Michael Ortego and he now has a life long fan. My first impression was that he was going to perform in a manner that was stiff and cold. I as so glad that within the first hour, he changed my mind.

Characterizations were on point, especially the enemy lizard like aliens, so creepy. Ortego was able to breath life into the imagination of Cole and bring this story to life. Pacing fluctuations that kept me engaged and interested in all of the goings on.

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