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Dystance: Winter's Rising

Dystance: Winter's Rising - Mark Tufo ABR's full Dystance: Winter’s Rising audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Dystance: Winter’s Rising at first may appear to be a Hunger Games or Divergent type tale however, that would be a gross misconception! The world has become smaller, divided into clans … each clan must send their 18 year-old males to war and their 18 year-old females to the bio-barn to breed more soldiers for the never ending war. There is no escape as they are all enclosed within an area protected by pickets which will kill any resident who passes over, through or around them. Technology survives into this world.

Winter chooses to go to war with her friends.

Each clan has a purpose in the war – unfortunately, the residents of Dystance are never a threat. This is a well kept secret as very few if any return from war. That is until Winter enters the war by choice – bio barn is NOT for her! Along with her friends, Tallow and Seder, Winter trains with a common enemy/friend to ensure their survival but only after they discover a deeply hidden secret of what the world used to be.

Winter quickly establishes her role as leader of Dystance recruits and forms an alliance through talks and showing her soft caring side with strong strategic intelligence. She never loses the razor sharpness of her warrior side. Death and deception follows her. Can she save her clan from being fodder for the other clans? Can she escape into the world outside the pickets and find her father Richael Talbot, a descendant of Michael Talbot? Can she live the life her mother, Hope, wanted for her? Will she lose her true love?

The book is written in journal style which Mark Tufo has mastered into the art of storytelling. His character development is complete and engaging. The plot is very well developed placing the reader directly into the story seeing everything though the eyes of the journal writer.

Mark Tufo has a way with words. His choice of words and details enriches the story leaving the reader no doubt what is going on or what has happened. He is the master storyteller of this style of writing.

The narrator did an excellent job of becoming Winter. Tufo has a knack for selecting the right narrator and he did an excellent job in selecting Julie Whelan.

The production was flawless and clear.

The book was excellent. I have to say, Tufo has done it again! Being a longtime fan of Mark Tufo and his Zombie series, I found myself just as caught up in this book as all his others. Tufo has a keen sense of what story to tell and how to tell it. I cannot wait for the next installment of Dystance and Winter’s story. I am positive it will be just as thrilling and engrossing as this one!

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