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Half Past Midnight

Half Past Midnight - Jeff Brackett ABR's original Half Past Midnight audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

For a survivalist it is all about what to do right before the and immediately after a crisis – the safe house, the supplies, the family and the survival! Leland Dawcett was prepared but not really – how many people can prepare for nuclear bombs? Hoarding and making a plan is easy, it’s the dealing with death of loved ones and the horrors of what lies “out there.” What Leland had to discover himself was what did they do after things settled down? Once the fallout passed and they could resume living?

It promised to be a beautiful morning for Leland who worked closely with his dad in their family factory. No one else was at work but when the lights went out and Leland moved to the front where his dad was – he saw the cloud and discovered his father dead. Racing home on foot, his wife and children are already packing and ready to hit the road. Thus begins their adventure into the world of the unknown.

Leland, a martial arts expert and survival enthusiast meets up with his arch nemesis, Larry. Over the course of two years, we see Leland and his family surviving the fallout; begin anew establishing themselves in a new community and his stepping into a leadership role when Larry rears his ugly head again – along with thousands of military personnel he has conned.

This book is less about who did the bombing and why – it is focused on the aftermath – surviving, coming together with others and making a society that works. We are never told they why or who, instead we are guided to focus our attention on Larry, Leland and the growth of the community and its people.

Strongly written towards surviving as a society in a world where luxuries are limited and treasured. Technologically moving backwards where bartering is valuable and money means nothing. Friends and family are valued beyond all else.

Jeff Brackett does an excellent job of setting up the storyline and building his characters. No one is a military expert or has all the answers. Brackett demonstrates the necessity of a small society where respect gains friendships and protects your family.

Brackett develops this apocalyptic tale in a thorough and detailed fashion. His research appears to be flawless. While most would want to know “the who and why” of what happened to drive Leland and the world into survival mode, Brackett kept us focused on the truly important aspect of surviving an apocalypse. Knowing the details would have taken from the story he so carefully built and would not have brought anything to the story.

Brackett’s writing style is clear and concise with believable twists and turns. I hope he continues on his path to becoming an author because he has a hit here.

Corey Snow did an excellent job of narrating and keeping the interest flowing through his skillful rendering of Brackett’s story.

There were no production issues, it flowed flawlessly.

Audiobook provided for review by the narrator.