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Skin Deep

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You’ve read Legion, enjoyed it and want to listen to more of the escapades of Stephen Leeds, brilliant psychiatric patient. Skin Deep is about twice as long as Legion, but still not long enough to be called a book, maybe a novella at this length. There is no reason the two books (stories) couldn’t have been combined into one book with different adventures. Too much of this book is spent re-explaining Stephen Leeds’ condition and why he doesn’t need medical help, etc. If you listen to the two books within a short time of one another, this will sound tedious.

Sanderson introduces a few new characters from Leeds’ many personalities. Basically it is more of the same, the super brilliant mental patient who can learn anything quickly to solve any puzzle given by using his many personalities. Unfortunately, the freshness of the idea has worn somewhat thin this go around. The plot is completely unbelievable and ridiculous. Though charming in the first volume, it is somewhat insulting to the listener in the second. Sanderson has this great idea about such an interesting character and his legion, yet falls so flat with a plot that fails to move them through the story. Disappointing.

Oliver Wyman is the same narrator as in Legion and does a generally good job. His character voice of one of the new female personalities is difficult to differentiate at times and is occasionally confusing, but not to the point of ruining the story. You just have to wait until the dialogue tells you who was speaking. Overall, fine job.

If you loved Legion, you will like Skin Deep. The franchise is growing thin, however. A compelling story to guide the characters would help immensely to keeping this series fresh. Overall an OK listen.

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