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The Martian Race

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Nicholas Sansbury Smith continues his exciting series with this second book, Extinction Edge. At the close of Extinction Horizon, we are told there is a cure or rather that Dr. Lovato has created a “larger monster.” We expect things to go much better on Plum Island and the rebuilding of civilization can begin. Uh, no!

Lovato sets the “larger monster” loose in the U.S. killing off most of the variants – all but about 10% … of over 300 million people – that leaves close to 30 million variants NOT dead. Beckham, Horn and others are charged with going into New York and laying claim to the city by eradicating the remaining variants … 2000 or 3000 supposedly.

As is usually the case, the military has underestimated the number of variants and the bigwigs are broadcasting and strategizing with the wrong intel. Lovato knows better – she tries to correct the military’s error but is ignored. Not only are the numbers wrong but the variants are smarter! They communicate, they fight united and they strategize!

Beckham, Horn and now Lovato are fighting for their lives. The human race is quickly moving towards true extinction. It seems no one can win against the new and improved variants.

And if this is not scary enough for you – imagine the dark murky depths of the sewers and large coccoons of spider-like webbing holding what few survivors there are in New York … The description of this was horrifying!

Smith does an excellent job of continuing the story plot and keeping the actors growing. Lovato and Beckham are dancing around a romance but it is far from the true focus of this story – no, its the flesh ripping, terrifying variants!

I keep wondering what more can Smith dish out in the way of horror but it seems he knows no bounds! Read his series if you are a true lover of horror, apocalyptic worlds far scarier than zombies and gore!

Smith remains true to horror fans and delivers! Smith is definitely an author to keep an eye on … he only gets better with each book. I recommend this book as a must read.

The narrator, Bronson Pinchot, performs excellently! His voices are consistent and his pronunciation is clear. His transition from one character to another is clear and smooth.

Blackstone productions did an excellent job of producing this audiobook!

Audiobook provided for for review by the publisher.