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Shards of the Glass Slipper: Queen Cinder

Shards of the Glass Slipper: Queen Cinder - Roy A. Mauritsen ABR's full Queen Cinder audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Shards of the glass slipper is the first book of a series with the same name, its written by Roy A. Mauritsen self ublished in March 24th 2015, its narrated by Christopher Crosby Morris (with sixteen hours and thirty two minutes).

This novel is fantasy, magic, and adventures (some will consider it to be a dystopian novel).

This novel is about a resistance movement including fairy tales heroes such as: Goldenhair, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Snow White against the evil queen Cinderella (she isn’t under any spell she is just evil), and her dominating step-mother. In a land with almost no magic left, that happens to be in a state of war with Wonderland.

I had a very hard time reviewing this novel, so I will be doing it in a different style (I couldn’t do it any other way).

What I liked about this novel:

1. The idea: the idea is pretty awesome and creative. It gathers many of the characters from all of the of the well-known fairy tales. Add in a dark kingdom under a dictatorship, and the coup d’état plan in a neighboring kingdom.

2. The setting: it was a very good and suitable for the mood in the story (the time is after years from the timeline in the original tales, the place is Marchenton a kingdom whose magic is about to run out, the royal palace is surrounded by “blood thorns “so no one can enter or exit without queen Cinderella or her step-mother permission ) and bunch of other interesting places

3. The events are fast paced and told in a very dramatic way (overly dramatic sometimes). I was almost able forget myself and was absorbed in the action scenes.

4. The audiobook came with music and sound effects which was totally great, it gave the story a third dimension, and made it more enjoyable.

5. Good, as in not evil (or almost good), female leader roles.

What I didn’t like about this novel:

1. The plot: the plot is confusing and chaotic, it left me with a lot of questions. Mostly wondering about plausibility of the events (a lot of them weren’t very convincing, and generally naïve even)

2. The characters: they are shallow, amateurs, boring, and just a mere shadow of their past known glory. Considering all of the fantastic story telling, this was a let down.

3. Horrible male leader models: each man in this story could be classified under one of those categories: useless, womanizer, coward, traitor, irresponsible or a combination of two or more of these characteristics …seriously it was frustrating.

4. The audiobook pacing: while I liked the music and the sound idea (I hope to see it in more books). I did find the voice of Christopher Crosby Morris to be very suitable for fairy tales. Yet it was so slow for me (and I mean painfully sloooooooow).

5. I don’t know to which age group this novel target. Because the novelty of the plot and the music would apply to children, yet there are things that I don’t feel comfortable for a child to hear.

Audiobook provided for for review by the author.