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sickEST B*stards: An Extreme Horror SHORT STORY

sickEST B*stards: An Extreme Horror SHORT STORY - Matt Shaw ABR's full sickEST Bastards: An Extreme Horror Short Story audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

This is a review of the third book in a series, please read them first before reading this as there will be spoilers here to what happens in those.

No I don’t know about you. But I thought that sickER Bastards did a pretty good job of wrapping this highly disturbing series up. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out about this third and thankfully shortest addition.

sickEST Bastards picks up right where sickER leaves off. Brother is now at his original home with his real parents. Now he finds himself in a situation I don’t think he ever dreamed of. Having killed is real father, he is now the man of the house and decides to become the partner to his real mother. Yes. In all ways. Especially in the perverted ways.

What I liked most about sickEST is that the whole story is told from his mothers perspective. Letting us in an all of the thoughts and horrors going on within her mind. Wrestling with what has just happened in her life. Finding that all her son seems to care about is eating flesh and extreme insetual assult for his own pleasure.

Being only 51 mins long it is hard to say more than this without giving everything away. I find myself wondering who is really the sickEST person here. Matt Shaw for imagining and writing all of this down, Chris Barnes for speaking it out loud or myself for willingly allowing myself to be subjected to the most horrific and perverted stories in existence. You be the judge.

I will say that sickEST is an iron clad finale to this series of total wrongness, or maybe it simply starts the entire circle of perversion all over again.

I have sang many praises over pretty much every performance by Chris Barnes. His performance here is no different. I knew to expect a phenomenal listening adventure with him and the helm. I will always expect this until I am disappointed and I do not ever see that happening.

Just because I have agreed to review books that might question my character. I in NO way condone or approve of any questionable sexual experiences.

Audiobook provided for review by the narrator.