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Cannibal Reign

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Cannibal Reign is a Post Apocalyptic, and Thrillers novel by Thomas Koloniar, narrated by Brian Hutchison, and published in June 26th 2012 by Harper, the audiobook by Blackstone Audio Inc.

Warning: this novel contains – rape, cannibalism, violence, strong language, and quite frankly it’s not for the faint hearts or dreamers who waits for happy endings.

An astronaut discovers that an asteroid is coming to earth. Even though the government didn’t want the public to know about it, some people knew about it and tried to get ready for the destruction as fast as possible, while others didn’t know that it was coming. People end up trying to survive in very difficult conditions, this novel about survival in a brutal world who lacks morality and resources.

As for a post apocalyptic novel I found it to have a kind of originality, it was fun, fast paced, and gratifying.

The settings were very real, in fact, the most realistic setting for post-apocalyptic novels in my experience. The characters were well done, stable, logical, and deep, but above it all they were likable. Thomas Koloniar made me feel sad when some of them died. The interaction between them was rational and practically awesome, for me as a psychologist. What I liked about the event is that they were told in very interesting way (that could be from the narration) some events weren’t predictable at all. Full of very good climactic scenes.

The plot was logical with great twists and turns, fast paced (there were scenes you couldn’t just leave unfinished), but what I really liked was the world building it was very structured. The story focused on more than one place which gave more creditability to the authors ability of world building .

As for the narration it was EPIC and I mean it, Brian Hutchison did awesome job in this novel his voice moved me into the story in all its parts, the laughing parts, the sad parts, and the action scenes . He altered the volume of his voice to suit the situation, he gave each character a life with special accent.

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