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Dead Planet: Exodus (Book 1)

Dead Planet: Exodus (Book 1) - Drew Avera ABR's full Exodus audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

It is far in the future and mankind has left the dying Earth to live on a terraformed Mars. Cruel syndicates (mobs) run commerce and government with an iron fist, murdering anyone who threatens their control. The main character is a hit-man who learns from his scientist sister that Mars is dying due to lack of maintenance of its nuclear power plants.

And that’s about it. This is a simplistic story of a one-dimensional character who kills his way through society to save his blubbering sister. She is being threatened by the mob who is letting Mars die so they can return to an empty Earth to build a bigger empire. If you are wondering why ruthless, megalomaniacal mobsters would destroy an entire developed, industrialized world to rebuild on one they previously abandoned, keep wondering; because you will not find the answer in this book. If you are wondering how a former hit-man can be threatened, tortured and captured multiple times, but always escape because his enemies neglect to take away his weapon, keep wondering.

Exodus reads like an outline of a story, without detail or texture. The buildings are “tall,” and night is “dark,” people get information from “media devices.” Of course this technique can give a sense of strangeness to a story, unworldliness, unfortunately in this case, the listener is simply given no soil for his imagination to grow. Mars and its inhabitants sound like a wire drawing done on a CAD program.

Al Kessel narrates Exodus and does a generally competent job. He seems to be trying hard to put excitement into the words that aren’t carrying it.

This reviewer knows the effort that goes into writing a book and respects that. Unfortunately, all that effort results in a book that is extremely difficult to listen to. If you are a fan of futuristic Sci-Fi mobster stories, you might give it a test run, but others should look elsewhere.

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