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The Deep

The Deep - Nick Cutter ABR's full The Deep audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

This book is rather strange and disquieting. Full of flashbacks and sometimes rather confusing. The story starts out with Luke Nelson traveling 10,000 miles to meet with his estranged brother. The request came from the government and they made the travel arrangements.
There is a deadly plague that has invaded every country in the world. It makes people forget. They forget everything until they just die from starvation. Worse yet, no one knows how it is transmitted.

Luke’s brother, Clayton, may had found a cure. A miracle cure not for just this plague but for all disease. He has sent a message for Luke to join him in his research lab that is deep in the Mariana Trench.

As Luke travels to meet his brother, he thinks back to when they were children. These flashbacks set the tone of their relationship. Clayton is a genius and a sadistic psychopath and a sociopath. He only cares about his research and the fame it brings him. The lives of his subjects have no value. He can’t understand why Clayton would want to see him. He was a animal vet. Clayton was an animal killer. He didn’t want to clean up after him again.

This is a mix of “Twilight Zone”, “Outer Limits” and “X-Factor.” Horror story at it’s best. It gets very graphic in places. I think it was too much sometimes with all the flashbacks and dream sequences. It was hard to tell sometimes if it was real or another one of Luke’s dreams, or a dream within a dream. The parts that were in the dark with only a flashlight were the most frightening.

Cory Brill has a nice voice and gave a good rendition. His dictation was flawless. Sometimes his voice was too nice, considering what he was reading.
Production was clear and without static or breaks. Overall an engrossing story.

Audiobook purchased for review by ABR.