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The Fire Sermon

The Fire Sermon - Francesca Haig ABR's full The Fire Sermon audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

It would seem that if you compare a new book to the Hunger Games my interest will be piqued. Maybe I am a sucker, maybe I simply yearn for another series that will completely transport me to another reality.

The Fire Sermon did just what I wanted it to, in the beginning that is. The Earth has been transformed by nuclear war or fallout or something to that effect. The remaining survivors have been plagued with an interesting dilemma. There are no more only children, there are only twins being born. What Haig has termed as an Alpha and an Omega. Alpha’s are perfect in every way and the Omega’s are deformed in some fashion and it is not always obvious.

The Omega’s are driven from the normal society because everyone is afraid of them, or their deformities. Here’s the real kicker. If your twin dies, you die. It is that simple.

Beyond this interesting take on a post apocalyptic storyline it is a basic rebellion story. The outcasts form their own society and become overcome with hatred for those that shunned them. They rise up to try and smash those they hate and in the process loose many of their ranks.

I kept listening because I wanted something spectacular to happen. For me, it didn’t. Fairly shallow characters that left some to be desired. There was a love triangle that was contrived by Haig and never really developed.

I didn’t see the ending coming, right away, and was a good conclusion to the first book in this series. Not sure if I will continue on with it or not.

If you are craving a young adult post apocalyptic audiobook with fantastic narration, The Fire Sermon will quench it. Even though the story left a little to be desired.

Where The Fire Sermon really shines is with the performance by Lauren Fortgang. From the first second she was able to grab my attention and wouldn’t let go. There have been only a handful of narrators that I would be happy listening to them read tax law or the phone book, Fortgang is now one of them.

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