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In the Arms of Family (Adrian's Undead Diary) (Volume 6)

In the Arms of Family (Adrian's Undead Diary) (Volume 6) - Chris Philbrook ABR's full In the Arms of Family (Adrian’s Undead Diary Book 6) audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

I have been struggling with how to write a review for the sixth book in a series that I have already gushed all over and about. I mean if you are even considering this book to read or listen to you have probably experienced the first five in the series.

So I think I am going to keep this one short and sweet.

The Adrian’s Undead Diary series has become one of my favorite zombie audiobook series. For many reasons including but not limited to the following. Extremely thought out and mostly believable character development, I have been led to believe, in my head, that they are all real people that I care about. I smile when they are happy, get mad when they are, etc. All tied together with a sense of humor that is reight up my alley.

This sixth book is no different than the rest of the series. Adrian’s emotions get played with in more than one way. I particularly enjoyed some of the zombie encounters more so than in others in the series, just grittier. I feel there is a big giant almost unpushable toe pusher coming in the very near future for our gang. If you are not sure what I am talking about and enjoy humor about bodily excretions, read this series.

James Foster is one of the many reasons why this series is so popular in the audio format. He has been able to find a voice for Adrian and stuck to it unwaveringly. He added all of the subtle pauses and barely audible sounds to the performance that made me, and many others, feel as if we were right there along side of Adrian.

I will continue to be first in line to get my grubby hands, err ears, on all of the following audiobook with the duo of Foster and Philbrook. If you haven’t had the experience, what are you waiting for?

Audiobook purchased for review by ABR.