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Legion - Brandon Sanderson ABR's full Legion audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

What do you do when you have 47 personalities who act separately from you and with each other? Solve crimes, of course. Stephen Leeds does not have personality disorder (at least according to him), he is completely aware of his many personalities, knows they are not real, yet interacts with them as people. Essentially they are different aspects of his brilliant mind that each have unique skills. He can call on them to help him with cryptography, handwriting analysis, chemical engineering, even languages, and come in pretty handy to solve the most challenging mysteries.

Steven Leeds and his several personalities (you don’t meet all of them, about 10) are funny, neurotic, helpful, strange and just fun. Written in the first person, you get a myopic view of Stephen Leeds’ life, but one couldn’t imagine doing this another way.

The book is very short, not much longer than a lengthy short story, even less than a novella. That is fine, it works, though if you used one credit on Audible, you might be a little disappointed how quickly it goes. The plot and the supporting characters are ridiculous and forgettable. The point of the story is the personalities and how they interact with each other and the world. It’s good fun and worth the two hour listen.

Oliver Wyman does a fine job with the narration, keeping the characters clearly defined in your ear. His pacing is good and he remains “transparent” throughout the book, leaving the story for the listener to imagine.

Don’t look for earth shattering revelations or philosophical enlightenment from Legion, just a couple of hours distraction. Overall this is a fun listen and you’ll get through it quickly with a smile on your face.

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