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Like a Part of the Family

Like a Part of the Family - Jonathan Maberry ABR's full Like Part of the Family audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

When I picked Like Part of the Family I didn’t realize that I had already listened to it once as part of a short story collection. At first I was really disappointed that this wasn’t something new and wonderful from Jonathan Maberry. But by the end I was just fine having listened to it again.

I really hope that Maberry will take on a full length novel about Sam Hunter, werewolf private investigator. This could make for a very fun story.

It is difficult enough to write a review about a short story. Especially the publisher’s summary doesn’t leave much for the listener/reader to find on their own. That is exactly what happens. So now that you know what happens, why would you want to listen?

Because Maberry is a magician or master craftsman with words. Like Part of the Family drew me right in and all of a sudden I was invested in the story. I simply wanted to listen to a beautifully written story.

Now a great story deserves a equally great performance and Tom Weiner delivers a home run with this one. I have listen to quite a few of his performances and I have never heard him use this particular accent and pacing. Made me truly believe that he was Sam Hunter from Philadelphia.

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