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The Synchronicity War Part 2

The Synchronicity War Part 2 - Dietmar Wehr, Luke Daniels ABR's full The Synchronicity War 2 audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

It was a long wait for this to come out. The story picks up right were book one left off, in the middle a large space battle. Really got my heart pumping.

Aside from all the amazing science fiction technology, spaceships, and in depth political decision making. One of my favorite parts of The Synchronicity War Book 2 was the artificial intelligent (AI) beings. How Wehr obviously made it a point to explore humans inane ability to create and live by prejudices and discriminate towards other. In this case the AI’s. A lot of time is spent getting to know, my favorite is Iceman, several of the AI’s and Shilo’s battle to get them recognized as sentient beings.

I am really glad that the meaning of the visions that Shilo sees was explained. Because of that the title of the series also makes more sense. In the future the technology to send messages to people in the past was, apparently, created and is being used on both sides of the war. The humans are sing it to send us messages about key things that we need to make sure to do, while the aliens are also sending us visions full of false information. As you can imagine this creates a bit of turmoil.

Then there is the brief introduction of a second alien race, friend or foe? We do not get to find out. Because almost as soon as they are introduced the book ends. Finding me on my knees screaming to the heavens “WHY?”, because we all have to wait a few more weeks to learn about the interstellar plot that was about to be unfolded.

There really isn’t anything new that I can say about Luke Daniel’s performance. I have never heard a bad one from him. Some may not like his subtle accent, different than mine, or his use of the same voice from book to book. Personally I love it. I know that no matter what is going on with the storyline Daniels will give a stellar performance. Sure some are better than others but he really shines in this series.

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