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Wrath (Adrian's Undead Diary #5)

Wrath (Adrian's Undead Diary #5) - Chris Philbrook ABR's full Wrath (Adrian’s Undead Diary Book 5) audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

First and foremost, this is a review of the fifth book in a series. Please do yourself a favor and listen to those first as this review may contain spoilers to them.

I have already written a lot about what makes Adrian’s Undead Diary Book such a great series, and I am happy so say that Wrath (Book 5) does not disappoint.

I think this is the book that I was told will bring me to tears, well, it didn’t. Maybe I am such a jaded person and listening to countless zombie audiobook has totally desensitized me. However I think I know where the point that this would have happened and, because you have listened this far you are invested in all of the characters, it was brutal.

I really got scared when the book started to add a strange spiritual, almost religious, line to the story. Often time this can ruin thing. It did not. Good versus evil, the devil and his minions (the zombies) against God and his singular warrior (Adrian). I must have missed all of the clues in the previous books.

Sadly I cannot say much about this installment as it is too easy to give stuff away, and if you have read the other books you have probably already read or are going to read this one. Yes, this series is the fun and good.

Philbrook has figured out the secret to successful stories. Make the characters seem so real, so unforgettable, so likeable or lovable, so hateable, that people have no choice in the matter of buying all your books.

Pair that with a narrator that gives his heart and soul to his performance, like James Foster does and you have an instant hit within this genre.

If for some reason you have listened to the other books in this series and have been humming and hawing about continuing on with the story, not sure why one would even hesitate, do you self a favor and grab this one, devour it and pace back and forth until the next book is released on audio.

Audiobook provided for review by the author.