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The Dragon of Unrest

The Dragon of Unrest - Anthony  Russo ABR's full The Dragon of Unrest audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

For me the dragon of unrest by Anthony Russo is an example of a problem I feel we face with a lot of books, which is “a book with a great idea ruined by the plot”.

I think it’s so hard to review a book with only 30 pages (only half an hour for an audio book copy ), but I will try my best. The story talks about a tired young man who is remembering how he got where he is now (and by that I mean with a dragon who eats humans, and as an outcast ,because of this dragon ) ….yep that’s it.

Well I really liked the main idea, because it was kind of new and creative idea, the plot had a very good potential for a great trilogy, yet it just ended so fast to even enjoy it ,the characters were so pale and undeveloped (because the shortness of the story I think ), I was very frustrated with the ending, it was very disappointing and empty.

The narrator is Felbrigg Herriot, and I feel that he performed it in more dramatic way than it really deserved, and while I liked how he controlled his voice to become so calm and sad to maintain the feelings of the main character, I felt that some scenes weren’t performed as it should be, the action was kind of lost in the narration ,yet in general it delivered the inside monologue in a very good way.

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