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Fear the Sky

Fear the Sky - Stephen     Moss ABR's full Fear the Sky audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

A great book that trips over itself.

Mankind is infiltrated by powerful, greedy aliens who are going to wipe humankind off the planet so they can use it for themselves. However, they need to do this subtlety and efficiently, so mankind doesn’t find out, panic and launch nukes. No sense taking over a planet if it is spoiled. The aliens plant personalities into eight, super-strong, smart androids who can and do infiltrate the Earth’s countries with nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, stealthy satellites watch overhead, assisting the androids and zapping anyone who threatens their plan. It is a lucky, misanthropic astrophysicist who discovers the plot and recruits some unlikely friends to protect the Earth.

Fear the Sky starts off so well, so engaging, you just can’t stop listening. Funny, quirky, likable characters that are refreshing and real, and you know you are in for a great book. About a third of the way in, they seem to lose their shine and start become two dimensional. The plot, so interesting and engaging at first begins to flatten, becoming linear and predictable. There really is no doubt during the listen who is going to prevail.

But by this time, the story has so much momentum it is easy to slide into home. The book itself is not disappointing; rather it is fun and entertaining, well worth the listen, just that it could have been so much more. It never felt all that long, even at 20 plus hours (almost double most audio books), but it might have benefited from “less is more,” with some thoughtful editing.

R.C. Bray is the Narrator and he is brilliant. He has a unique, deep breathy voice that just keeps you wanting more. He could narrate a cookbook and make it exciting. Bray is one of those narrators you will follow regardless of the book.

This is a flawed great book, well worth the listen. Will you want to listen to volume 2? It seems likely, if simply to find out how the completely over-matched Earth will fight the aliens.

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