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Ravage by Iain Rob Wright

Ravage - Iain Rob Wright

I like the dissolute Ferris Wheel in the background on the cover.  The lighting is dark and spooky with a feel of innocence about to be lost.  I think it is a nice play on helping visually foreshadow the reader for what is to come.

This book is kind of a different take on the usual zombie genre.  The sick people remind me of rabid animals before they die and start their zombie afterlife.  People just seem to be getting sick with flu like symptoms, then they start going berserk, then biting and eating others.  Iain Rob Wright has the story from the point of view of two people, Nick and Annaliese.

There is an error in the synopsis overview though.  It says, "Nick’s first customer of the day has just stumbled through the door…" In the story Nick has had a few other customers before the fateful one, not many, but a few.

I loved Nigel Patterson's accent.  He really helped bring the story to life.  The only issue I had is when the story switched point of views between Nick and another main character named Annaliese.  Usually I wouldn't have any problems with this, but there were a few times Nigel's voice didn't really have a tone change between the two to help differentiate when they are speaking to each other.

I noticed one scene where he stumbled a little while reading.  It was only a slight hesitation, but it is actually the author's fault for making an error in spelling a name wrong.  It is in chapter 15.  The name is Charlotte, but the author misspells it to Charlie.  If you are reading along it is at page 202.  On the audio it is at 5:17:49.

I greatly enjoyed this story.  I think Iain Rob Wright did a great job of painting out the scenes.  The visual details were perfect for me.  I am a firm believer that a horror zombie genre should have plenty of gore and blood.  This book delivers the gore and more with a dash of senses overload. Warning - Do not read/listen to this story while eating if you have a weak stomach.

I loved how you get to feel the anxiety, hopelessness, loneliness, fear, anger, love, and hope from both Nick and Annaliese.  Overall, this story leaves you with the idea of knowing that even when one life is over others must live on.  Life does not stop just because something bad happens. Those left alive must learn to not only survive, they must live.  You never know when life will end.  Enjoy it.


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