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Indian Hill

Indian Hill - Mark Tufo My full Indian Hill (Indian Hill Book 1) audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

When I read the summary I was a little confused and disappointed that it was the same main character as that series. But what could be better than a zombie series, why an alien invasion series of course. I have been a big science fiction fan since I was a kid so I was interested to hear Tufo’s spin on it.

Once I started the audiobook I immediately had apprehension with the cast line being almost exactly the same, but that went away fairly quickly. Once I realized that Tufo is laying out an alternate reality rather than adding on to what I already know.

Mark Tufo has a unique and witty way of really deep character building. So we start the book off going back to Michael Talbot’s childhood where he meets his best friend Paul. They grow up and go to college getting into hilarious trouble along the way.

At college Michael goes to an outdoor concert where the listeners are abducted by aliens. Instead of your typical experimentation on humans this is where Tufo puts his touch on it. All the male prisoners are forced into a gladiator style, fight to the death, completion. The females are then awarded to the male prisoners as their spoils. As the completion progresses the victor gets more spoils, bigger accommodations and so forth.

During all this Paul is upset that the government isn’t doing more to investigate what happened at the concert. So he does some looking around and finds out it was an alien abduction. Based on the governments reaction and response he decides to buy a piece of land from their childhood called Indian Hill and turn into a bunker for his militia, The Planetary Defense.

We go through a few chapters where nothing major happens, Mike is fighting and winning, Paul is building a bunker and an army. Most audiobooks would get stagnant here, and while my attention waned a little, the sarcasm and humor brought me back pretty quickly.

At some point Mike discovers he isn’t only fighting for his life but for the right to be with his earth girlfriend who is the best spoil, and also to protect all of the woman he has “won”. The last fight is really bad one, which he wins of course, but then he takes the supreme leader hostage and fights his way to a shuttle and flies back to earth.

While the fighting and bunker building seem drawn out it is clear that it is building into a bigger story, so it is worth it. After they return to earth that is the end of the book…until Indian Hill 2.

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