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SURVIVORS OF THE DEAD: FROM THE ASHES - Tony Baker, Monique Happy Lewis My full From the Ashes (Survivors of the Dead Book 1) audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Tony Baker's Survivors of the Dead: From the Ashes was excellent. Mr. Baker very easily and vividly painted the journey taken by Harry Lancaster, Derick, and Frank in an exciting and detailed manner. From the moment Harry stepped from the apartment complex in San Francisco, he managed since retiring from active police duty and shooting his first zombies, it was a thrilling ride a mile a minute!

Struggling to reach the police department where he volunteered was intensely described so much so that I felt I was making the journey with him! The relationships that are built or already there are solidly built and powerful. Torn from wanting - needing - to help others, Harry reminds himself he's "just too old for this sh*t." 2.5 decades of service teaches Harry to be observant and he realizes the weakness of some of the zombies and uses it to his advantage.

The Clint Eastwood connection is strikingly strong - not only are there similarities between Harry and Clint (Harry loves the Clint Eastwood movies) but the narrator makes sure you "hear" Clint Eastwood whenever Harry speaks. Excellently executed!

Not only is the book seriously written (as is the case with most zombie books) the humor and connection between the characters is not forced but flows naturally. The dialog is easy and realistic and even though the "just too old for this sh*t" is repeated often, it is realistic - many of us have a relative who is often times repeating something - it's their catch phrase. For Harry this one is appropriate and helps listeners to connect more easily.

It was evident from the beginning that Mr. Baker did his research and it shows in the details of the characters using the guns, descriptions and other activities performed by the three lead characters. Powerful to the end, rich with description and brilliantly written - this book is a "must listen to!"

This audiobook is one that will grab you and won't let go until you hear "the end"; and even then, you will be more than ready to learn what happens with Harry's nephew and family in Indiana and the difficult and deadly journey of Harry, Frank and Derrick to reach them.

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