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900 Miles: A Zombie Novel

900 Miles: A Zombie Novel - S. Johnathan Davis ABR's full 900 Miles: A Zombie Novel audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

I love zombie books, But I approach each book like this download I found called “ONE but the only one.”

It’s a 100 song compilation of the song “ONE ” by U2, There are every kind of musical approach to the song. Some are good some are painful. They all have more or less the same words, but how each artist has done something with those words makes all the difference.

900 Miles is a great story about people, and the zombies are almost an after thought.

This is my favorite sort of zombie story,

The people do the sorts of things both good and bad that you can see yourself and your friends doing,They are not superheros, nor are the idiots, The story is very believable and yet there are parts where I had to rewind and listen it again.

Not to give away any of the plot. But when the story goes off the main plot line. Let’s just say I was a little more tired then I would normally be at work the next day. From not being able to just pause it, without hearing how it was going to end.

The story is at it’s heart a very simple one, Something very bad happens and the main person has to struggle to travel 900 miles to where his very pregnant wife is waiting for him. Had the very bad thing, been something like an air plane crash, or say a flood, then the story would be a fairly straight forward one of “man versus the elements”. However the very bad thing that happened was zombies.

Jamison Jones did a great job of narration, and his voice has a familiar ring to it and that might be because he was a regular in the FOX series 24.

900 miles is a long way to go with out the modern conveniences of “zombie free travel”, and you feel every single mile before the story is over.

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