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The Book Of Riley 2 A Zombie Tale

The Book Of Riley 2 A Zombie Tale - Mark Tufo My full The Book of Riley, Part 2 audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

The Book of Riley, Part 2 picks up right after the conclusion of book one. With our group in dire need to get away from the zombies, even though they barely make an appearance, to find medicine or a doctor for the ailing baby. I love the different words Tufo has chosen to use instead of the "normal" ones. Foe example: Clear Viewer = Window; Two Legger = Human; Wheeler = Car; Boom Stick = Gun; Metal Bees = Bullets; and there are several more. Constantly making you think for a split second about what is really happening.

The groups finds their way to Las Vegas, where a band of survivors have settled. Although we find out that the citizens favorite past time is watching dog fights. Tufo was able to expand a grow all of the characters from the beginning of the series through this book. Each of them facing personal challenges and finding out what they are really willing to do for survival. If you want something a little different that is a quick listen filled with all the gore, action, suspense, that you would expect. Do yourself a favor and check this series out, I will be listening to more of this series for sure.

I cannot say enough good things about this performance of Sean Runnette. Let me rephrase that. I cannot state how lucky Tufo was to get Runnette as a narrator. Not sure who the genius was that made the decision. Hopefully they are aware of the magic that has been created with this pairing.

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